Meet Naledi……

IMG_20151123_133018For more in Naledi and Qhawe, please go to











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  1. Dudu Mbatha says:

    Usuqalile futhi… while I have SOOO much work to do!


  2. Nqobile "Mrs Zulu" says:

    hayi Dudu bakithi………….as always i droped everything and started reading………am glad your a woman Dudu for real ngoba if you were a man ngabe am one of your “willing” victims of pleasure!!!!!!!!!! hehehhehehehehhehehe chapter two please………


  3. nobantu says:

    Wow wow wow wow i am so happy about this book thank you dudu


  4. fundy says:

    Oooooh no,I like it already


  5. Nomfundo says:

    Love.. love.. love.. your.. work! You’re blessed Dudu


  6. ayah says:

    yey its official


  7. ayah says:

    Sis Dudu please change the pic to Naledi now if you’ve finally decided which Naledi pic you going with. oh and angith you in Durban today? please can i get the BOOK PLEASE. Ya hlomu


  8. Futhi says:

    Thanks Dudu……………next chapter please


  9. thobe says:

    This is going to be interesting


  10. girlie Xaba says:

    Nice one Dudu,can i have some more


  11. Zah says:

    Please dnt keep us waiting for long


  12. makomam says:

    Love your work!
    I can’t wait for the next chapter


  13. Philiswa says:

    I like Naledi, cnt wait for more.


  14. lungile mjoka says:

    sis D.U uzosifeyilisa I just drop my school work every time you post new chapters…. what can I say im obsessed with this Zulu family or “charmers”


  15. bongie says:

    Zonke zimnandi cc good work


  16. lihle says:

    Sis Dudu is this the first Chapter of the new upcoming book? Im confused as to uzoyiqala from uZandile Chapter13 or


    1. Hi, Zandile goes up to chapter 30. This is a new book


      1. Nqobile"Mrs Zulu" says:

        Hi dudu

        how can i pay for this book?


      2. It’s not out yet


      3. Futhi Chili says:

        Morning Dudu

        I hope u r good, I just wanted to find out when is the follow up one from Naledi and Chawe (lol), who is next Xoli maybe?? #wishfulthinking

        On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 9:52 AM, Zandile…..The Resolute wrote:

        > dudubusanidube commented: “Hi, Zandile goes up to chapter 30. This is a > new book”


      4. Hhayi Futhi, I’m not writing another book on the Zulus after Hlomu-2


  17. bokang says:

    Hi Dudu, I an realy struggling to buy my online book please help


    1. Hi Bokang, pls contact me on 0711771334


  18. Bongiwe says:

    Hi Dudu, I would really love Hlomu the wife 2 *HINT HINT*


  19. Neo says:

    Hi Dudu,How can I obtain hard copies for all 3….since I don’t have Naledi on hard copy,how do I read it online.


    1. Hi, Naledi will not be online but there will be more hard copies on the 31st


      1. Zama K says:

        We need stock at adams in dbn, I’m still waiting to get my naledi book which ran out of stock last week.


  20. Busi Mkize says:

    Hi Dudu I like all you book especial Hlomo the wife can write part 2 & three with Hlomo when she become old


  21. phumzile says:

    Hi Dudu love your work darling


  22. Gadi says:

    Hi Dudu, done all three of them and enjoyed all of them, keep it up, waiting for the forth book….


    1. Busi says:

      Hi Dudu I am in JNB I need to buy all this books


      1. hi, you can get them e ARMSTRONG books on rissik street


  23. Amanda. says:

    Dudu how much are these books and where do we buy them, I have finished Hlomu, finished Zandile halfway though and so with Naledi. I knw wants to read the book continuing from where i have stopped. Help pleasse…..


  24. TDI says:

    Hi Dudu
    where can i buy the books i want all three of them
    pls assist


  25. nonto says:

    ive already read hlomu and zandile im must say dudu uve done a great job


  26. mandi says:

    Hay uyababa ntombazane you are too good


  27. Mbally says:

    Mina angaz cc ukth ngempela ngempela ngthini ngaleliTalent. kodwa ngayithatha indonda efana nalawa beside the killing part Nkosiyam, i need prayers. love you girliza!!!


  28. yandisa says:

    Hi dudu – im obsessed with your books and simply so proud of your work , i wanted to know if there is going to be another book after naledi his love ?


  29. Nontshikelelo Ngcobo says:

    Ooooh My word from Hlomu the wife to Zandile the Resolute I just couldn’t put the book down, it so much interesting. I just loooove your work. I love the book that makes you imagine what happening while reading it & this does it for me. You really know your work…. Big ups


  30. Fundiswa Grootboom says:

    Ow I like your books and Im enjoying reading it please I also want Hlomu second book.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Zama K says:

    I’m still waiting for an sms from adams as they told me they still waiting for new stocking on Naledi since last week. Can’t wait to read it, love ur work Dudu it hard to put down ur books.


  32. Zama K says:

    Hi Dudu, I read dat after Naledi u were gona write a book in a male perspective is this true? If so, is it da next before hlomu-2 as u mentioned hlomu-2 would da last one on the zulus?


  33. Zama K says:

    Dudu, you are awesome it hard to put down ur books. I heard u were gona write the zulus book on a male perspective is this true? If so is it gona be before Hlomu-2 since you it will the last on the zulus.


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